Church Family,


Thank you all for the many ways in which each one of you have made an effort to maintain unity during the shifting requirements of this last year and a half with the changing COVID standards and regulations. As you probably know, the CDC has now recommended that both those who have and those who have not been vaccinated wear masks in indoor spaces ( While this has not been mandated by our state or local officials, it is based on some information that seems to indicate the Delta variant is transmissible by anyone regardless of vaccination status.


At this time, we are asking that each family decide what they think is best for themselves and others. If you would like to wear a mask on Sunday mornings, we support you in that decision and will continue to have some on hand as you enter.


Whether you decide to wear one or not, let’s keep striving with all our effort to maintain unity and respect for one another regardless of our perspective on mask wearing.


In His Love,

Nate, Paul, Mark, Ted, and Frank