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The elders are responsible for the oversight of the spiritual care and vision for our body.

Nate Smith


Nate started in full-time ministry as a youth pastor 15 years ago. He has been the pastor at Grace Community Fellowship for the last three years.

Glen Pearson


Glen has been serving as an elder at Grace Community Fellowship for over 17 years. He has taught many Sunday School classes over the years and is our resident rock and water expert.

Paul Stubbs


Paul starting attending Grace Community Fellowship in 1988. He is very active in visiting the shut-ins from our body of believers.

Frank Palermo


Frank is husband to Megan and has two daughters. He has served the youth of our church for years as a teacher and mentor.

Mark Stuart


Mark has led Bible studies and has a great passion for the church remaining theologically sound and committed to the truths revealed in scripture.

Ted Wiley


Ted Wiley has been a part of Grace Community Fellowship for decades. He and his wife Diane are a model to everyone of faithful service to the body of Christ.



The Appointed Servants are a team of committed people who are responsible for different specific areas of ministry within our church.

Melissa Smith

Church Secretary/Events

Melissa serves both as the church secretary and oversees the Events Team who plan opportunities for our church to connect socially.

Kevin Penner

Worship & Media Ministries

Kevin grew up at Grace Community Fellowship and has been our primary worship leader for over a decade. He oversees all aspects of our worship & media ministries at the church.

Cristina Souder

Children's Ministry

Cristina oversees our Children's Ministry at Grace Community Fellowship and has a great vision for where this ministry can go and the impact it can make on our youngest.

Noah Hadden

Youth Ministry

Noah is our youth ministry intern this year. He is finishing up his degree at Shasta Bible College with the goal of going into youth ministry full time.

Cathy Pearson


Cathy has faithfully served Grace Community Fellowship for many years as our Financial Secretary and oversees a team who help account for the finances of the church.

Tony Sandow


Tony is a local contractor who serves our body by overseeing our facilities and the many renovation projects that are underway.